The Mantras and Personal Affirmations


The Greatest Collection of Mantra and Affirmations to Empower You Every Day!


    Affirmations is the practice of positive thinking, which involves repeating to one‘s self a carefully formatted statement frequently.

    The affirmation needs to be present, personal, positive and specific for it to be effective. Ever since its popularization from the Law of Attraction series and The Secret, people have been itching for more and more affirmations to improve their lives.

    A mantra is a sound, syllable, word or group of words that are considered capable of ‘creating transformation. Their use and type varies according to the school and philosophy associated with the mantra. It has been used since olden days and still continues to be used till this day.

    People are looking for mantras and affirmations everyday and this book hopes to empower you with all the resources you need to tap into this highly lucrative market.

    Chapters Covered:

    Chapter 01: Motivation and Positive Thinking
    Chapter 02: Healthy Living and Weight Loss
    Chapter 03: Millionaire Mindset and Financial Freedom
    Chapter 04: Inner Peace
    Chapter 06: Internet Marketing Affirmations
    Chapter 07: Love and Relationship Affirmations
    Chapter 08: Love Mantras
    Chapter 09: Success Mantras
    Chapter 10: Wealth Mantras
    Chapter 11: Health Mantras